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Invest in rail to reduce road congestion, pollution & collisions
- April 2017 and December 2017 - View report

Latest HGV report which shows that HGVs are still only paying a third of the costs imposed on the economy and society - 
January 2018 - View report

FreightlinerHeavier lorries and their impacts on the economy and the environment

The research, undertaken by independent transport consultants MTRU, found that rather than reducing the number of lorries needed, all previous increases in vehicle dimensions did nothing to halt heavier, larger lorries doing more mileage and driving around with ever lower load efficiency. Report here (pdf).

Road maintenance costs to local authorities

Research commissioned by Freight on Rail highlights that in counties with significant rail freight potential, the local transport authorities could save serious amounts on road repairs if suitable cargoes were to go by rail. Report in PDF format

Landmark victory which safeguards railway land for future generations

Protecting potential passenger and freight rail services and the environment - 13th May 2002

A copy of the full judgement (in PDF format) can be found here. Also a Freight on Rail 6-page summary (also in PDF format) can be found here.

Another Precedent to Protect Track Beds

ODPM has blocked a new office development at Olney in Northamptonshire which would have obliterated the track bed.

This shows at para 14 the Sec of State agreeing with the Inspector that while the rail proposals are too uncertain to apply the normal planning protection policy, nevertheless he wishes to see the route protected and (were permission to be granted) a condition to preserve the trackbed would be imposed.

Extract from the ODPM formal decision letter showing key clause 14.

Copies of the full ODPM letter dated 17 February 2004 attached.

The two relevant pages of the Inspector's report is also attached which in para 60 makes reference to compliance with the judgement in the Mansard County Homes v Surrey Heath Council case which allows local authorities to protect rail lines even if no potential rail use is identified as long as this policy is defined in local strategies such as Unitary Development Plans.

Planning Inspectorate safeguards railway land

Freight on Rail welcomes the recent decision by the Planning Inspectorate, part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, to safeguard railway land for future rail-served development at Theale in Berkshire. West Berkshire Council was able to protect this land for possible potential future rail use because it had allocated the land as an extension of the rail served lands in its Local Plan. The Inspectorate rejected an appeal by Beftonforth Ltd to erect a 15,000 sq. m. telehouse on land in Theale.

This decision follows on from the precedent set by the case of Mansard County Homes Ltd v Surrey Heath Council in 2002. See press release 20 December 2004 for more details.




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