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Threat of longer heavier lorries being imposed from Europe

Only action needed = to sign up to European website against mega trucks

There is now a massive threat that LHVs will get the go-head at an EU level and be forced upon the UK over time. The European Commission is undertaking research to evaluate the benefits of adapting Directive 96/53 examining adapting weights and dimensions of lorries and we expect the recommendation in late July 2008 to allow longer heavier lorries, either harmonized across member states or with individual member states deciding. However, even with the latter option, pressure from road haulage industry on grounds of anti-competitive practice would mean that all countries would be forced to accept longer heavier lorries in the medium term.

Hence the need to work with European partners Allianz pro Schiene on this joint website, for which there is no cost. You may remember that the German Government rejected LHVs after lengthy trials.

All you have to do is sign up to this web site The form can be found here. When you receive the confirmation email entitled No Mega Trucks you need to go to the bottom of the email to confirm acceptance

However, if you wish to be more pro-active the web site advises on possible actions.

Go to Freight on Rail’s latest briefing on LHVs and details of the web site campaign.

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